Mission & Vision

OKSEF | Mission & Vision


To encourage high school students to do scientific and Technological Research, 

To contribute to the development of young people as individuals who have the principle of righteousness in their lives by learning ethical rules during scientific research and implementing these rules.,    

To train generations who carry out scientific research, produce projects, are open to innovation, question, adopt the principles and revolutions of Atatürk, are confident and enjoy their work, 

Bringing together young people of the same age group around the world to make scientific and cultural sharing, 

To enable young people to participate in the competitions abroad with their projects as representatives of Turkey, to expand their vision and have a voice in the international platform,

To help children with musical abilities to discover and discover their abilities and to support their development in this field.


National and international level environment, health, energy, technology related problems by doing scientific research and producing projects to find solutions, learn to apply the knowledge, question, make use of information technology to educate individuals to provide support for talented youth in the field of art, science, technology and to lead the development of art.

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