Buca IMSEF Director Ümit KARADEMİR


As the Buca Municipality Kızılçullu Science and Art Center, we aimed to bring together young people and teachers who produce projects, who are open to change and development, who question, who want to develop themselves in the field of Art, who take the basic principles of research and share their scientific knowledge and improve their social responsibilities in our country in the light of Science and technology. For this purpose, we aim to bring them together in beautiful Izmir, the Pearl of the Aegean to exhibit their research projects in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering-energy, mathematics-computers and music. 

This organization, which we aim to accomplish under the light of the principles and reforms of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who said, "all my hope is youth, the future is youth."; the youth race young minds not to think, observe, be curious, curious research to stimulate secondary school students to teach the principles and methodology of scientific research, scientific development in this direction and reward talented young people early in the sense of exploring, promoting a sense of social responsibility to promote and support set out in the policy prepared in explore their talents in art. 

It is the duty of all of us to leave our world, which is consumed mercilessly by those before us, ignoring the danger of global warming, moving away from peaceful approaches and still being consumed, in a livable way for future generations. Let us not forget that the negative effects of production and consumption can be solved by the knowledge that our young people will reach as a result of scientific research and by the awareness that will be made in the field of art. In this context, projects created with innovative approaches in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering-energy, mathematics-computer and music are very important and meaningful. Because the people who will influence the future are the ones who will do it, not the ones who will follow the innovations. 

Knowledge is strength. Developed societies that are aware of this also boast about their contributions to science. Because with the knowledge they have and the scientific and technological research they do, they have a political and economic advantage over the other nations. Today, the development levels of countries are determined by their place in the production of Science and technology. To be able to produce science and technology that is intertwined with science in our time depends on understanding scientific thought and scientific method as a way of life. 

The scientific method is based on establishing assumptions as a result of observations and then experimentally testing these assumptions. Assumptions that cannot be verified or refuted experimentally do not fall within the scope of science as "scientific assumptions" cannot be. Scientific method and scientific thought can only be learned by living and transformed into a way of life. What makes nano technology so interesting, intertwined with life, is that it is based on the principle of controlling atoms and molecules, and that nano-sized materials behave differently from the macro world. 
'The ladder to the climax of civilization is art. If a nation is deprived of art and artistry, it cannot have a full life. A nation like this is like a cripple with one foot, a cripple with one arm, a cripple and a whole person. One of the lifeblood of a nation without art is severed.'in the light of the ideas of our supreme leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in this field, we aimed to help young people in the field of music to discover their talents and to be supported in this field.

Dear teachers, dear young people! As Turkish people who have adopted scientific thought, assimilated scientific culture and developed their own branches of art, you are opening new horizons to our country and our world. I congratulate you for your creative thoughts, scientific understanding and abilities, and wish you all success in the hope that your projects will shed light on the scientific and technological developments and the development in the field of art.



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