Aegean costs and especially Izmir are the ancient settlements of the civilization history. According to various sources, signs of early settlement in Buca, which has hosted many civilizations in history   date back to ancient ages.

Buca has maintained its warm, friendly atmosphere today as in the past. It is the district with highest population in Izmir. It is quite possible to call Buca as a metropolitan district with its deep heritage and young and dynamic population.


21 thousand students make actively use of the youth centers which are open to 80 thousand university students studying at Buca.

Almost there isn't anything that is unavailable in the youth centers, being centres of attraction. Young people can meet all their needs free. While our centers have gained new identities with the youth clubs established in the current period, they turn to the living centers where students take an active role.    

Library, computer room, cinema halls, game halls, sports halls, laundry, cafeteria, amphitheater and course rooms are available in Tarık Akan Youth Center located at Tınaztepe.

There are also library, laundry, cafeteria, yard, study room and computer room in the Işılay Saygın Youth Center located across DEU Faculty of Education.


Education journey at Buca starts with the first step of discovery. Minors between 3 and 6 years of age get the chance to use their imagination boundlessly in company with 21-peson staff of teachers and managers 3 hours in 3 days per week at 9 Centers called as Diamond Centers (Pırlanta Merkezleri) located in the district. Total 5 thousand children benefit from the centers where their lifelong learning tendencies are encouraged.  

Aziz Nesin Information and Education Center located at Barış Neighborhood offers courses free of charge for thousands of young people, getting ready for high school and university admission examinations.

Charlie Chaplin Etude, Profession and Art Studio located at Göksu Neighborhood contributes to the development of the region through the free vocational courses as well as social and cultural courses.

Fine arts-related courses and vocational  courses are offered at Fine Arts and Vocational Training Center located at  Vali Rahmi Bey Neighbordhood.


Buca feels the pride of having one of the largest green areas in Izmir with  Buca Pond, Yedigöller and Hasanağa Garden.

Hasanağa Garden from the frequent destinations of city people allow you to relieve the tiredness at the end of the day with the 55 thousand square-meter green space, 4 individual picnic areas, playground, 2 basketball courts, squash court, 100 square-meter conditioning area, 1375-meter racetrack, a separate 40-vehicle parking area and sittings groups located on 100,000 square meters of land.

As one of the most attractive entertainment and recreation centres of Aegean Area and Izmir,  Buca Pond situated on 167,000 square meters of land allow thousands of citizens to enjoy their time with its restaurants, picnic areas, observation terraces and amphetheathers.

Yedigöller which was created in the dry stream bed between İzkent and Evka as inspired by Yedigöller located at Bolu, Abant and situated in on 100,000 square meters of a natural valley offers a perfect environment for those bored of urban life.

On the other hand plane tree with a diameter of 4 meters and a height of 30 meters in Kaynaklar Central Neighborhood  is one of the symbols of Buca. Plane tree known to be older than 1000 years was registered by the Provincial Engineering Head Office of Ministry of Ministry of Forestry, General Directorate of National Parks in 1994.


A door is opened slightly from the water ducts over which Homer swam to Şirinyer, a Garden of Eden called as Paradiso.  Ceramic chimney of Andon  Effendi  (Maiden’s Tower) colors the  time travel.

Kızılçullu Village Institute, former American College in the era of Ottoman Empire is the first institution where coeducation is implemented. Buca High School was founded upon the request of Ataturk for the use of Baltazzi Mansion offered him as a gift during his visit to the district as an educational institution. 

Hasah Agha from Sarıgöl looked after Aliotti Garden and took a role in the protection of it until now. Photo of Yoruk Ali Efe, known with his remarkable contributions to Turkish War of Independence in front of the registered waterfall in the garden left a trace in history.

Buca has brought many new grounds like the first horse race with a dope sheet. Coeducation, Izmir Institute of Education to lay the foundations of Dokuz Eylül Univeristy, first suburban line and first electric lighting in Dutlu Street are some of them.    

Treasures of the castle and monastery ruins revealed during the excavations of the Nif Mountain Excavation House, historical plane tree in Kaynaklar, walking and climbing courses, cave passages considered so hazardous to go down commune with lavender sprouts.

Mansions featured with their architectural textures, centuries old vineyards, roads being junction points of history, cultural heritage reaching today…How interested are you in turning the pages of history? 

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