Mayor Of Buca Municipal Erhan KILIC

OKSEF | Mayor Of Buca Municipal Erhan KILIC

Science and art are the most significant points in society. Science is a keystone to the existence of a society. Societies not producing science are doomed not only to remain behind but also to be managed by others. As Buca Municipality we know that raising individuals to internalize science and to be ready for the future is the only way to make our children and young people ready for tomorrow. Thus it is very important to get our children together with their national and international peers and allow them to interact with each other both culturally and scientifically.    

Art is not only a mirror to reflect today’s society but also an heritage left to hundreds of years later   and a way of self-expression  for society. Sometimes art serves as a guide to lead science and offers an insight to tomorrow.  It is not a coincidence that many scientists in the past are also great artists. Most important feature of such geniuses is their imagination. Science and art are the elements that feed each other, sometimes interwine to each other and build societies’ tomorrow.  

We brought Buca Municipality Kızılçullu Science and Art Center into service in order to inspire and pave the way for the scientists and artists of the future and to encourage them to think freely and creatively at young ages. We will show our hospitality to young people from all around the world who are interested in science, art and technology and open to change and development in BUCA IMSEF (International Music, Science, Energy and Engineering Fair) Science & Art Fair to be held at Izmir, Buca.

Our young people will have a larger vision as well as the opportunity to know different cultures in interaction with their peers around the world. We will have a chance to advertise our country, Izmir and Buca with their all historical and cultural values. We will feel honored and happy to host BUCA IMSEF Science & Art Fair and to welcome the young people from all around the world.

Mayor of Buca Atty. Erhan KILIC

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